This warranty is valid if the customer has a receipt and if no other agreement has been entered into.

Conditions of warranty are 30 days for an engine, gear-box, cardan shaft, 8 days for all other parts.

Components such as fuel pumps, clutches, ignition systems, exhaust systems, and piping etc. belonging to an engine or similar product bought here, are not covered by the warranty. The guarantee covers only parts supplied by us.

Other cases are subject to the conditions of our subsidiaries. We do not refund the customer's removal or fitting costs, nor do we refund any travel costs in connection with the faulty part. Parts used for racing are not covered by the warranty.

NOTE. The warranty is valid only for parts fitted by a registered dealer.

Return Policy

Notice of return must be sent by post or e-mail within 14 days of delivery. The part must be collected by the customer before being returned, otherwise we will charge for shipping and return shipping along with a standard handling cost for an uncollected item (10% of the price of the part, and not less than 100SEK).

The warranty is valid only for parts in good condition. Parts costing less than 200kr or parts which have been disassembled or altered in any other way, are not returnable. Electrical parts are not returnable. The warranty is not valid for parts which because of their condition cannot be returned.

Return of Parts

The customer must contact us by letter, e-mail or telephone before sending the part. The part must be delivered or sent to us. The customer pays the shipping and return costs. Shipping costs are covered by us for any parts wrongly delivered, and for all parts covered by the warranty agreement.

Return forms must be completed and included along with copies of the invoice. Items returned without proper documentation will be kept by Svenssons Bildemontering AB for no more than 5 days, after which no refund can be made.

All items must be shipped by the same method used by us. WITHOUT EXTRA COSTS!

Approval cannot be granted before we have checked the item. The item is refunded within 30 days of receipt; this does not include transport costs.


Visible damage to the packiging/part should be immediately reported to the sender. Damaged goods should be reoerted to the delivery firm by the customer. The packaging must be saved and made available for inspection by the delivery firm, otherwise no refund can be made for damage incurred during transport.

Svenssons Bildemontering AB are not responsible for any damage incurred during transport, any cases of damage are handled by the delivery firm.

Uncollected goods

All shipping costs for uncollected goods are charged to the customer, along with a handling cost. (20% of the price of the part).