How we work

  1. 1 Whether it’s a worn-out faithful friend, old and torn or a new but crash-damaged, they all have a place in our dismantling facility and will be emptied of it’s fluids. We determine the quality of the car parts and register them for sale. Defective car parts are re-used with the earth’s limited resources and environment in mind.
  2. 2 On receiving your order, it is packed and prepared for delivery to another hopefully satisfied customer. Orders can be made by phone, e-mail, and the database on our web site, or through visiting us. We take all ordered parts from our unique organized stock.
  3. 3 Here at Svenssons Car Dismantling we pack the quality branded car part you ordered, with business deliveries the following day and deliveries to private customers in two to three days. We provide a guarantee and a right of exchange for everything we sell.